As Messy as My Hair

The voices are gone

Friend or Foe, I don’t know.

I brace for another attack.

I’m like a warzone

With hazy battle lines.

I wish I would of known

It takes some time for redesigns.

Making my brain as messy as my hair

Tangled in thought.

Hoping to be more than this drought.

Fueled by hazy memories

I try and find a route

To bring all of me home


Pretty Speeches

Lovely little whispers

Calm and sweet

Healthy words of wisdom

With sprinkles of anxiety

Sickly smoothe

Goes down like medicine

Tough pill to swallow

Truth is harder than the sickly little whispers

Sweet sounds but always leaving bitter tastes in mouths

From the mouths of babes

Words weeved by masters in the art of pretty speeches

Watch teh way they move their mouths

What lurks between their words

Half truths and harsh realities


Love Songs

“You make me happy when skys are grey.”

But also when skys are purplish blue with a little bit of pink in the middle.

“L is for the way you look at me”

But also for the way you laugh at my bad jokes.

“Love is a losing game”

Except for with you, then everyone’s a winner.

“Your love’s got me lookin’ so crazy right now”

But also you make me look saner because you help calm my anxiety.

“Love will keep us together”

But so will the strong foundation of friendship we share.

Dreams Dreamt

Dreams dreamt, but then forgotten.

Words thought, but never spoken.

I love you’s hidden in hearts.

Suicide notes left unwritten.

Diagnoses lived, but never given.

Hearts broken, but never cried for.

Songs sung, but never heard.

Ties severed, but never seen.

Wishes wished, but never realized.

Fears realized, but never voiced.

It doesn’t stop with me.

Words whittled down for wisdom

Truth funneled out of speeches.

Trust entangled wit hthe enemy

Thoughts controlled by gods of the mind.

Wishes withering from birthday candles

Hopes fade with sunshine faces.

Laughs given freely, with a price

Eternity over in moments.

I’ve lived a life of love and loss, and yet the world continues to turn.

It doesn’t stop with me.


Words, wounds, and superstitions.

Questions, doubts, and misinformation.

Sickness, voices, and contradictions.

Wishes, coffee shops, and persuasion.

Hope, holes, and medications.

Side effects, lies, and heart palpitations.

Digs, deep, and meditations.

Voices , thoughts, and foundations.


Skinny Girl Gets Fat

Skinny girl gets fat

Everyone warned skinny girl it would happen.

Can’t eat that way forever.

The inevitable has occured

Waistlines have ballooned

And thighs have become thunderous.

Batwings are now found on skinny girl, not just bats.

Chub rub has become a problem.

Skinny girl got fat.

Skinny girl got sad.

Skinny girl got suicidal.

Skinny girl got help.

Skinny girl got medication.

Side effects are real.

Skinny girl got fat.

Fat girl is better for it.