Dear Poetry

Dear Poetry,

I’m out of ideas.

Lines that used to flow with ease now shrivel up in the desert that is my mind.

I wish I could participate and join in this beautiful fray.

I hope some day I come back and with open arms you’ll greet me.

But until then I’ll bid adieu and put down my pen completely.

I may be back tomorrow or in a day or two

I may be bcack after years have passed

Poetry you have given me so much release and closure

I owe you my life and my sanity.

Thank you dear poetry.


Whispering Thoughts

Whispers wallowing in my ear

Begging for relief

Ideas made like carnivals full of color and life

Only to be closed down by whispering doubts

Sane and insane all in one

Never know what you’re going to get

Thoughts that walk the straight and narrow

Surrounded by devils in disguise of good advice


Coffee Shop Fraud

Voices trickle in my ears from faceless people sitting all around me

A bright screen blinds me and focuses me all the same

Messages buzzing from loved ones, some unanswered.

Don’t know where to go from here

Crossroads moment, and yet all I can think of his how busy this place is

All the moving parts

All the moving people

All the lives contained in one obnoxious building

How come I can’t seem to walk with such purpose

To talk  and exist without questioning.

The chairs are starting to empty

I sit here alone not really watching for fear of being seen

I’m just a coffee shop fraud

No friends to meet,

Only tea meets my lips

I’m just a coffee shop fraud


Little Lies

Silly little voices

Silly little lies

Whispers telling it’s time to say goodbye

Silly little voices

Silly little lies

Creeping right behind my eyes

Silly little voices

Silly little lies

I wish you wouldn’t tell me all the ways I should die.


Hope tickles my brain

Light leaks into view

A new day is dawning

A day full of joy and movement

Moving from the sea of saddness that has consumed me

Riding the waves into hope

Surfing away from the murky waters