I’m Sorry Mom

Mom I miss you

I miss our stupid arguments

I miss the way you used to hurt me with a smile

I miss the way I never used to understand why you say the things you say

I still don’t know why

And I know it’s messed up this relationship we have

And I’ve been trying to stay back and keep moving towards healthy relationships

But i cant help missing the way you make me feel

Even when I hate feeling the way you make me feel

And I know you don’t make me, it’s just the way I feel

But how can you miss something you know is bad for you?

Mom I miss you

And I dont know why

And it’s so hard not to know why you miss your mom

I love you so much

But I know you’ll just keep hurting me and you

I dont know how to find the healthy in our relationship

I just want you to know I love you and I’m sorry

I’m sorry I don’t pick up the phone and you dont understand why

I’m sorry I can’t be your baby or your little shit right now.



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