Sedate the Playground in my Mind

Just as ideas flow
Sedation is offered
To take would be to stifle the flow of thoughts that have been rushing since my eyes opened after drug induced sleeps.
Thoughts full of fear thoughts full of love.
They try and bring me to their level except
Numbness seems to be their only companion with an occasional visit from apathy.
Some days I’d do anything for numbness most I wouldn’t trade the world for the feeling of greatness. Because there are consequences for
Sometimes, I don’t know if it’s true what they’ve said that I’m sick and need help.
And other times, I dont know if they believe me when I say I am sick and need help.
I am always swinging.
It used to be a really long swing the kind where you could touch the sky and know you’d reached it just before you flipped out of your swing.
But then they added new playground equipment to make the swings force me touch the ground again, for fear the sky swing would drop me, thinking I could fly.
But what if I can fly.


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