There’s a terrorist in my head.

There’s these thoughts in my head
Tickling like spiders weaving webs around places i used to wonder
Putting venom between every cell so that when I wake up I wont recognize the person in front of me.
These thoughts spread poisions. Injecting euphoria and malady wherever they choose
Tinting my pure ideas into reds or blues.
They ask why i am here, like they shouldn’t know the answer. But the answer is simple, I’ve been poisoned by intruding diabolical thoughts
At first they were fun we ran around together
Met strangers together
Danced nights away together
Moved so fast even sleep couldn’t catch up
But the sad truth is
There is a terrorist in my mind and whichever way he swings i swing
Up or down
I just want to be free
And I know american doesn’t negotiate with terrorists but just this once i beg you
If not negotiate then obliterate because i dont know how long i can stand to live next to these poisoned thoughts stuck in my head, swinging me round ever which way.
Just a comfortable place to land is all I ask.


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