Pretty pressures push people past
Feeling feelings for the sake of feeling
Numbness replacing sparks that trickle down spines
It’s a feeling fast
Starved sufferers stuff stuff so far down it can never come up
Unless they are shaken or tossed like a bottle
And when one crack forms
Explosions of emotions erupt erasing everything
Apathy vanishes for the final show.
But when the feelings trickle to a stop
Explosion stops
There is nothing left
Forced to fill what should be feelings with things never meant for feeding souls
Souls filled with everything but soul food
Cries for help replaced with cries without cause
Cries without feelings fumbling for reasons
Wondering why tears fall when there is no feeling
Apathetic tears with no explanations fall from eyes
Tired of tightening up tempers for the sake of tempering weakness.
Are we weak for feeling?
Feelings turn cracks into explosions
Turn eyes into waterfalls


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