I can’t write a poem about how I feel.
I can only write about how I felt
And I think that’s pretty damn sad.
I have to feel something in order to have felt something
And I wish it didn’t work that way
I wish I could just wake up a year from now
Knowing it will all be okay
That fast thoughts will be slowed to a leisurely walk
And faces looking at me that only I ever see will vanish into the walls they came out of
I wish I could just fast forward through all this feeling so I could write poems about it and move on already
I wish I could just make everything stop and start all over
Where is the reset button for our brains?
Tech support always says to turn it off and back on again
If humans are more complicated than computers, you would think we would have one of those
I think I am no more than a machine my wiring must be a bit loose
But then I wonder if computers just need a break because I haven’t been listening to their complaints just using them the way I feel used
Maybe computers need more hugs and less command lines.
Maybe I just need more hugs and less command lines
But a reset would be easier
Would be better
than feeling
because as I feel
I know it will eventually be I felt
This feeling of constant buzzing and my thoughts traveling faster and faster and unable to stop
Will turn to something else
And I can write poems about it


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