Word Puzzles

I can only use words in monumental soliloquies,
Or written pieces somewhere between the present and the past,
Only separated by the backspace and delete buttons.
When I talk to you I beg you to use your words, to find them and to explain it to me
Because most of what’s happening right now doesn’t make sense to me.
I watch your self-destruction trick you into thinking it’s self-preservation and try to pick up your pieces as you collapse unable to do what you were trying to help along.
But when you flip those words around I cannot respond
I can only yell guttural sounds
That I do not recognize because conversation is hard for me.
I can either be speech giver or listener
But conversationalist I am not.
Not unless you want a yes man or a no man,
Because opinion is hard to give to others,
When I cannot explain myself.
I love your broken pieces and I will love helping you put them together forever
We are the puzzlers
Leaving others put off by our time-consuming personalities.
But I am broken too,
And I seem to only be able to fix your broken pieces or
Try to put together the pieces of my life that seem to be scattering.
It is hard to do both.
But maybe we can become one puzzle,
Maybe both of our sets have been broken
Split apart and forgotten
Left pieces hidden under couch cushions that we can either lose our minds finding or
Try and move on,
But maybe we can make one giant puzzle where we treasure our treasures that are left to us, and
What is mine becomes yours
And yours mine
And we don’t have to choose between who’s brokenness we try to fix.
Your pieces seem to fit mine,
Let’s make a new puzzle that honors those parts we’ve lost but creates a new picture
Full of much more hope than our
Broken and missing pictures that used to look back at us.


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