Gods and Superheroes

Pianos play pretty pieces and
We will wait watching, wondering what will we remember
When age has caught up with us.
To be young and sad seems to make one old and wise.
But do I want wisdom?
Is wisdom worth more than happiness?
What is happiness?
I am happy with you, but the dark cloud that has followed me only lets your sunshine through.
You are what lights up my days.
It must take a lot to be my sun.
Knowing that you warm every inch of me
When you are gone knowing you leave only shadows.
You must know now what Ra felt.
The power and the burden of being a god.
To be worshiped must add heaviness.
Pressure can either create a diamond or an eruption.
I wish with every fiber of my being we could be gods together.
Never having to wonder if we were the only light bringers.
With our own power but without the pressure.
I would be my own solar system and you could enjoy it with me.
Much like I enjoy yours
We’d look out at the stars we’ve created and admire our perfectly unique constellations that dot our selves
And we’d name them after ourselves.
Because when you’re god you are allowed some vanity.
Maybe that’s why I admire vanity.
There is a power in loving yourself.
A power I wished I possessed
I want to be a superhero of self-love
But when I look for my cape I only find self-loathing.
You have shared your cape with me,
Kindly covering up my imperfections that only I can see.
You are my superhero god who’s helping me earn my cape too.
Maybe they will write songs about us.
Two gods creating their own universe to share,
Fighting with dark clouds
With wonderment and seeking wisdom cloaked in happiness.


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