Questions in My Head

Why is my shadow bigger than me?
Why does she always look up to something, even when I’m not up to something?
Are a we a we, or am I an I and it an it?
I need to know what pronouns my shadow likes.
Do I own my shadow, where does she go?
I’m choosing her pronouns she likes she.
I think?
Can I really pin my shadow down, can I chase her?
How come peter pan could?
How come she always runs away from me?
Is my shadow me?
Am I my shadow?
Is she the dark?
Or is she just my darkness when I’m exposed to the light?
Where did this darkness come from?
Is it mine?
Of course it is, it must be.
Who else would it belong to?
Why does my darkness run away when I try to look at it?
Why can only others see her clearly?
See me clearly.
How can they see darkness clearly?
I want to know her better.
I want to know me better.
I wish we could have a nice dinner and get to know each other a little,
It seems we spend a lot of time in one another’s company but we forget to fill each other in on our days.
Why does she always seem to be copying me?
It’s like the twin I’ve always wanted, but one who’s bigger than me and never looks me in the eye.
Sometimes I’m scared of her, my dark reflection.
I think it’s because I don’t know her.
I don’t know me.


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