Love and Hate

I used to hate cheesy
I used to hate hands held tight
I used to hate kisses in public
I used to hate cozy couples at the bus stop

I used to love sleeping in the middle of the bed under 10 blankets with the window all the way open
I used to love sitting all alone for hours
I used to love staying up until 3 in the morning watching bad reality tv
I used to love spending Friday nights with friends

I now love the way you hold my hand while we wait for the bus stop
I now love not knowing where your side of the bed starts and mine ends
I now love going to bed early on a Friday night so we can wake up refreshed to start another adventure
I now love sleeping with 2 blankets and the window slightly cracked because thatโ€™s beautiful compromise when you used to sleep under a sheet with the heat up high.
I now love you.


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