Trouble Finds Me

Trouble always seems to find me

No matter where I have hidden my heart somehow Trouble finds it

Troubled heart and troubled mind

Equals a troubled soul

And my sole is weary

From walking from problem to problem

Never finding the solutions

Math with no answers

Poetry with no rhyme



I am no stranger to loniless

I sit in a psych ward in a foreign country

Feeling absolutly alone.

Without friends, without family, and without homeland.

Lonley tears fall to but nobody will notice

theiri strange languages echo in my ears expecting too much of my much to fragile brain

I want to go home

At least I could live my last days in comfort and maybe I would change my mind but this

lonely is only encouraging acts that can never be taken back


I have been harrased

Bludied brusied

By things not physipal

They wrap their knives behind words

And their machine guns behind thoughts

Powerfully they move forward and attack.

Running for relief

Running to emergency rooms and hospital beds

and medicaated tags

but all I’m ever left with is you.

The Jungle Race

Troubles brewing deep down inside

The will to live is fading away

Wish I knew how to make dreams come true

But all thats left for me seems to be disgrace

Can’t wait to know my own fate

Seems like time’s catching up with me

Running a race against time

Times almost up

One foot in front of the other

Tightrope dancing

Wish I knew how to survive

This jungle race of life


I will love you like a storm.

I want a virus kind of love.

A sickly sweet simile,

Like loves like a hurricane.

A contagious kind of love

Infecting everyone with cuddles and kisses.

I need a river kind of love

A strong current constantly rolling

Cutting its way through rocky roads.

I’ll take a quiet kind of love

A whipser in my ear, kind of love

A gental as the wind kind of love.

But then again, wind can mean a hurricane

I’ll take a hurricane of love

A giant open handed love

I’ll take a love strong enough to build a house on

Strong enough to lift all of this body

It will lift me up and I will love like a storm

I will love you like a storm.